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About a year ago we ran Wok’s Style File, in which the recovering professional surfer told us about how he was “no style guru” but “just a sneaker fan getting more into the fashion thing.”

Well now he’s gone and started his own line of T-shirts and reckons that he was always going to get into clothing (T-shirts are just the beginning), that he’s always had an eye for fashion and that he’s always been one stylish cat.

He just needed a push…

That push came in the form of his long-time sponsor Billabong dropping him after his mouthing off online.

True to character, and Wok is most certainly a character, the T-shirts are aimed at the anti establishment, with an alternative, edgy vibe and are modeled by his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend’s best-friend and friend’s girlfriend.

Says Wok: “I  really lucked out getting those girls… Durban has some bombs.”

And now it’s got some statement T-shirts, too.

Nicely, Wok.

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