Why You Need A Pair Of Boat Shoes In Your Closet ASAP

Your footwear says boat-loads about the man wearing them.

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Let’s talk about first impressions (we’ll get to the boat shoes in a moment). The first impression you make to a stranger is not necessarily based on what comes out of your mouth or the friendly gesture you offer.

First impressions are built on what you look like, what clothes you have on and what shoes you’re wearing. In fact, one study found that people were able to judge a stranger’s age, gender, income, and political affiliation solely based on the stranger’s shoes. Suffice to say, there’s a lot your shoe is saying about you.

One staple that every man has to have at least one pair of is the ageless boat shoe. I know what you’re thinking: yes, boat shoes used to be a very ‘I just grabbed these out of my dad’s wardrobe’ shoe but that entire narrative and perception has completely shifted over the years.

This might beg the question: what do boat shoes say about a man today? I’d guess stylish, modern but still values tradition, ready for summer, timeless, laid back, non-fussy and that you own a boat (lol)! But that’s just me.

What I value more than anything in a shoe is quality and craftsmanship and both of these values were unmistakable in my new pair of Sebago boat shoes. But what else did I expect from a brand that’s been around for just over 70 years?


Sebago Docksides FGL

R 1999


Let’s Talk Aesthetics

The pair is defined by lace that details around the side and the back of the shoe, and a rubber sole. The body of the shoe is made with genuine leather giving it a striking appeal.

Did We Mention Versatility?

Anything that’s easy to put on and that goes with almost everything in my closet is something that I have to have. These black Sebago boat shoes have been exactly that for me. Whether I’m wearing shorts to a festival, or I’m in a suit going to a dinner party or brand launch – I never have to think twice about what’s going to be on my feet.

Comfort Is King

I mentioned that quality and craftsmanship are important to me, but something that might even trump both of these ideals is comfort, comfort and comfort. I wore the Sebago boat shoes at the DSTV Delicious Festival (read: I did a loooot of walking in these shoes) and if there ever was a pair of shoes made for walking – it would be these.


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My feet were at peace (something they don’t often have) the entire day! I’m really looking forward to meeting more strangers because I’ve got my first impression on lock down.

*As tested by Women’s Health Senior Journalist, Yamkela Mdaka

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