What’s The Best Way To Trim My Nose Hair?

Men's Health |

Q: I sometimes look in the mirror and think the Yeti is growing out of my nose – what’s the easiest way to get rid of it?

A: We often wonder how some men can look at themselves in the mirror and actually think that the sprouts waving from their snouts are acceptable.

That said, don’t denude your nose completely. Some hair is essential for keeping dust and other particles from irritating your nasal cavity and entering your lungs, says Dr Jordan Josephson, author of Sinus Relief Now.

Then there’s the inherent danger of shoving a sharp blade up your nostrils. “Aggressive trimming can make little nicks in the tissue inside the nose,” warns Josephson. This can lead to a painful pimple or, if bacteria work their way in, an abscess.

So here are the rules of engagement: trim only the hair that’s visible when your head is tilted slightly back, and avoid motorised rotary trimmers that don’t have nick guards built into them.