What Exactly Is The Cause Of Male Balding? An Expert Reveals All

And is there a proven solution to getting your hair back?

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Hair loss is unfortunately something that can result in a ‘bad hair day’ every day. Male pattern balding (Androgenetic Alopecia) is something that affects up to 60% of males globally. No race, ethnicity or age group is spared.

We spoke to Dr Kalan, The Head of Alvi Armani South Africa, The largest International Medical Hair Transplant and Treatment Clinic globally, to get you the answers that millions of men search for every day!

What causes Male Pattern Balding?

Dr Kalan: Male pattern balding is a natural process that occurs within the body. As the male hormone testosterone is used up, it naturally breaks down to form a compound called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and DHT is the root cause of all evil when it comes to hair loss. If a male has the genetic predisposition to balding, DHT will enter the hair follicles and cause them to undergo a miniaturisation process. The hair follicles that were once thick, strong and dense, gradually weaken and thin out until an actual area of balding occurs. Many factors in one’s life can influence the rate at which we lose our hair and it is important to understand these, while maintaining good general health in order to halt the process as much as possible.

What’s the medically proven solution to this problem other than shampoos or lasers that we have all tried at same stage?

Dr Kalan: As male pattern balding is a process that affects the roots of the hair follicles, it is important that any treatment plan focuses on strengthening the roots. The quality of hair that we see on the top of our scalp is directly correlated to the health and strength of the root. Each patient of ours that we see at Alvi Armani would need to be evaluated and thoroughly investigated, to ensure that it is male pattern balding that we are dealing with and not an underlying medical condition that is resulting in the hair loss. Once an assessment has been made, treatments can range from oral medication to topical medical oils and then to medical procedures such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) and finally hair transplantation. All the above treatments are FDA approved and carry a high level of evidence-based medicine, so we are confident that it works in treating a patient’s hair loss.

Does my diet or lifestyle play a role in hair loss?

Dr Kalan: Absolutely! They often say a healthy body equals a healthy mind but, in my practice, a healthy body equates to a healthy hair follicle (which in turn leads to a healthy, confident mind). Stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, diet, lack of exercise, underlying medical conditions, medication use, alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs all play a role in the health of our hair and the rate at which hair loss will occur. We discuss all these factors with patients that come into any of our clinics globally.

Will anyone know I’ve had a procedure or treatment?

Dr Kalan: Our PRP treatments – absolutely not. Our Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures use a combination of art and cutting-edge science to allow us to make this as minimally invasive as possible. A lot of time has gone into perfecting the tools, techniques and technology that we use to create a transplant with no visible scarring. Of course, the procedure will be visible on the scalp for the initial week but once the scabs wash away, the transplanted area starts taking on a very natural appearance. Healing is very individualised to the patient and some patients may show signs of the procedure for a few extra days.

Do I need a second mortgage to afford a treatment or transplant?

Dr Kalan: Not at all, it’s well within the reach of most, and payment plans are offered. Please contact our clinic to find out more.

How would I choose a hair clinic that’s fit for me?

Dr Kalan: The important thing is to do your research before choosing a clinic. You want to ensure that the doctor is involved from start to end, and that a thorough assessment has been made beforehand. A patients expectations and the Doctor’s vision must be discussed before undergoing any procedure. The results of a hair transplant are lifelong so it’s important to get it done correctly the first time.

How can one gain access to information and treatments that are at the forefront of medical breakthroughs?

Dr Kalan: The best part about being associated with a global hair transplant brand, is that we are at the forefront of everything in the hair restoration field. We have a R&D team at our head office in Beverly Hills, USA, that keep all Alvi Armani clinics pioneers in the latest information/tools/techniques etc. The brand is also associated with multiple regulatory bodies in the hair transplant sector and this allows us to stay abreast with the latest developments and protocols that are being used in every corner of the globe. We focus on hair and only hair.

Does hair loss only affect our hair or are there other factors of well being it can affect?

Dr Kalan: Hair loss is the cause. Confidence for many is the effect. The main reason patients consult with us is to gain their confidence back. It is a very personal problem and each patient has their own unique reason for getting it done. Anti-aging is also a key reason for patients getting in touch. Having one’s hairline restored, or crown filled up makes patients feel more like themselves again and this improves mood, self-esteem and self-confidence. The aesthetic benefit of a hair transplant is only 50% of what we do, getting patients confidence and self-esteem back is our main goal.

What makes Alvi Armani different to other hair clinics locally or globally?

Dr Kalan: “Our company was founded by Dr Armani decades ago. He had had a deep passion to revolutionise the hair transplant industry, by providing lifelong solutions that were medically proven and research-backed. Because of this, our ONLY focus is always to do right by our patients and to provide them with an individualised assessment that suits their own needs. A big part of our practice is to educate patients and to put them in the driver’s seat of any decision that they make when it comes to restoring their hair.

Alvi Armani, Internationally recognised as the worlds best hair transplant brand and group of surgeons, opened up its doors in Sandton in June last year. Their clinics globally have had the privilege of restoring the hair of many Hollywood celebrities, sports superstars and Fortune 500 CEO’s. For decades, the brand has operated clinics across the globe, in countries such as Argentina, Dubai, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, and most recently South Africa with Dr Kalan heading up the revolution to serve every patients suffering from hair loss in SA!

Contact them on +27 10 312 6140 for an obligation free consult that’s totally free of charge.

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