We Gave This Man A Makeover, Here’s What You Can Learn

A slimmer silhouette and a smart-casual wardrobe make a brand new man.

Azeez Jacobs |

Alex Briell recently returned to SA after completing his MBA in Spain. Now he’s in the job market, and desperately needs a new look. So we decided to give him a makeover.

But where to go for a man with nothing but hoodies and jeans in his cupboard? What’s the next step for a 31-year-old who’s happy to cut his own hair?

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He needed an upgrade. Here’s how we took him from lounge-wear to living it up, in just a few simple steps:

Top Candidate

Briell’s traditional interview apparel: jeans, shirt, and maybe a jersey. We needed to hook up him up with smart threads that make a professional first impression, but still work in a casual office setting.

A blue suit with a patterned collared shirt strikes that balance. Minus accessories, these items shine in their own right; but add a flourish with a tie or pair of brogues and you’ll look fresh and creative.

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We skipped the traditional silk tie – it can look stuffy – in favour of a less formal knitted option.  The shirt’s button-down collar is dressy, but the blue camo print lends a cool, casual vibe that departs from Briell’s preferred (more conservative) black and blue tones.

Finishing Touches

Nothing refreshes your look faster than a tightly cropped, sleek hair cut. We turned to the experts at Barnet Fair in Cape Town to give Briell an edgy, zero-fuss haircut he can wear daily. Cutting it short on the sides and the back while leaving a bit of the length on the top keeps things modern.

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His biggest lesson: fit is everything.

The result: he feels like a brand-new man.

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