Black Friday: Upgrade Your Grooming Routine With These Products

A daily shave or trim can be quick and easy if you have the proper tools.

Don’t spend a fortune on a thousand different products or lock yourself in the bathroom for hours. The trick is to develop a daily routine that works for you, ensuring you don’t let yourself down. These are our go-to deals this Black Friday!

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Routine: a daily shave or trim can be quick and easy if you have the proper tools — and less hassle in the long run, if you keep at it.

Dry Skin

Colder temperatures mean less moisture in the air and on your skin, says Whitaker. Those long hot showers you love in winter leave your skin flaky and dry.

Your solution: use a rich moisturiser at night, and use something light in the morning. Sunscreen will help prevent uneven skin tone – a big problem for darker complexions.

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This revitalising moisturiser is the way to go. The L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Lifting Moisturiser 30ml is a double action anti-wrinkle cream, firming gel and lifting moisturiser. It targets wrinkles and helps improve the firmness of your skin. It’s going for 50% off this Black Friday!


L'Oreal Vitalift Moisturiser 30ML

R 73


Finding A Versatile, Masculine Fragrance

If you’re looking for something simple, fresh and appealing, you should steer towards aquatic and citrus notes like bergamot, orange and lemon, as well as florals like iris and tuberose. Some colognes make sensitive skin more susceptible to burning, so try applying the fragrance to an area that’s not likely to get much sun.

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This is anchored by masculine smoky notes and spiced up with a dose of blackpepper and cardamom for depth ,with a heart of Blue Sage and Juniper. And the weighty, engine-turned bottle is a work of art. Save R446!


Dunhill Icon Elite EDP 100ml

R 1149


Manscaping Situations

First of all, women don’t want a man who looks like he crawled out of a cave. Second, getting your body hair under control not only sharpens your look but will also show off your abs. The tools you use to get rid of hair on your face aren’t meant to handle other parts of your body. We suggest you pick up a grooming tool and DIY!

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Bushy is untidy, but bare isn’t manly. Invest in quality blades when it comes to taking a razor to your body.  Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Replacement glide cuts your hair with less tugs and pulls and is our go-to blade. Save 28%!


Gillette Fushion Pro Glide Power Cartridges 4's

R 279


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