Uomo Absolute, A New Fragrance For The Absolute Man

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Are you the Absolute Man? A man who is self-aware and insightful? Who encompasses a perceptive nature, a sharp intense knowledge and magnetic worldliness at his core? If you are, then you need Uomo Absolute, the latest fragrance from the house of Ermenegildo Zengna.

Master craftsmen using only the highest quality ingredients have constructed this new fragrance for men. It captures the modernity of the original Uomo fragrance but however has a whole new level of depth, richness and warmth. An aromatic brightness of Zenga bergamot, which is exclusively harvested in Calabria, Italy, represents this fragrance’s heritage. Mixed with lemon and mint for a sweet freshness to compliment the vigorous earthy spice of cardamom. The smoky depth that is Uomo comes from its signature facets of cedarwood and sage to provide a sophisticated aromatic warmth. At the muscular heart of the fragrance is the liquidity of hedione and paradisone.

This irresistible texture of Uomo has combinations of vanilla blends, amber wood and musk captives that give it a velvety and hypnotic creaminess. Uomo Absolute is the balance between man and nature. Two powerful forces living together. It is a story of light and shadow. Inspired by the exquisite Casa Malaparte the Uomo Absolute is bottled in dark smoky-grey with a rich metalized cap. It will debut 10 November 2014 at select department stores, around R795 for 50ml.

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