These Modern Everyday Boots Give Just The Grip You Need This Winter

These unique beauties will certainly get you places, no matter what surface your day throws at you.

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The Cat Baseplate is a modern upgrade on a rugged everyday boot. You will do a double take when you see these for the first time — the ultimate worker boot just got a hell of a lot sexier!

It’s All In The Sole

Not only are the translucent soles (also known as Visi-Tech technology) on the Cat Baseplate boot bang on trend and really eye catching, they are also super shock absorbing and energy-saving.

The visual impact comes from the familiar rugged track sole that you’d expect from a Cat worker boot, but it’s totally transparent, which makes them really, really modern. It’s almost like you can see the inner-workings of the boot. You still have all the grip and durability but with major sex appeal.

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These unique see-through slick beauties will certainly get you places, no matter what surface your day throws at you: from corrugated metal stair cases, rugged tarmacs and pavements, to polished marble floors and red-carpets… all in your stride and total comfort.

Get A Grip On Style

Thanks to its engineered nylon mesh outers for breathability, they are surprisingly lightweight, with a ‘comfort-engineered’ inside sole, and foam-like padding, are made from beautiful, slick, soft polished nubuck leather. Boots have never felt this great to wear.

The verdict: I could wear these all day and every day! Easily the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. And the cherry on the top… the colour! It’s called “Dark Shadows” (think of the deep shade of fresh, wet cement). This hue is ultra-stylish and can work with every single pants style in your cupboard, from pale chino’s, to dark denim, to even a more formal, pin-stripe suit.


Cat Baseplate (available in two colours; dark shadows and cashew

R 2,599


Top Tip: How to clean Nubuck

First remove the laces. Then use a soft dry cloth to loosen any dirt from the nubuck. If necessary, use a suede eraser to lightly erase any stains. Then apply suede and nubuck reviver foam directly onto a soft premium brush and clean the nubuck. Using minimal liquid is key when cleaning nubuck. Take a microfiber towel and blot as much moisture as possible that is left on the shoe and air dry overnight. NOTE: Always test the cleaning foam on the tongue of the boot first, before applying to the rest of the surface.

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