These Cat Footwear Boots Are A Must-Have Ahead Of Winter

It has everything a shoe needs to take on the elements.

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Gearing up for the colder months is not easy, especially if you’re trying to be stylish (and warm) throughout winter. While layering up jackets, jerseys and sweaters will help your upper body stay cozy, you need something for the feet to weather the colder months. I’ve found the answer and it’s a great addition to your collection of winter kicks – the Cat Prime.

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About the Cat Prime

The leather mid-top provides everything a shoe needs to take on the elements – durability, comfort and protection. It has a rugged appeal that will add an extra touch of badassery to your outfits. The Prime is available in a beige colour – Dark Beige to be exact (my favourite), which will blend easily into your winter aesthetic. You can rock these swaggy kicks with denim jeans or chinos and matching leather bag to boot.

A pleasant surprise

I loved the fact that, despite its rugged look, the boots were surprisingly comfortable and super easy to clean. (Bonus!) This helps if you’re always out, whether it’s a coffee date with a client during the day or a night out with the crew.

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The Verdict

The Prime has a stunningly versatile look and feel. For a guy that grew up thinking Cat Footwear was a shoe made for working outdoors, I was chuffed that it goes with almost everything I have in my cupboard. And if these particular ones aren’t your vibe, there are loads more available. Cat Footwear has a bunch of other styles available on their website, go check them out.


Cat Prime

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R 1599


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