The Bold and The Beard-full

Kirsten Curtis |

Bearded Culture powered by Philips, image above features the Philips QG3320

Since the beginning of time…literally…beards have been mans way of showing strength, status and honor. In fact in some ancient civilizations beards were only cut as a form of punishment. 

“Inside every clean-shaven man there is a beard screaming to be let out”. The wise words of US psychologist Robert Pellegrini and words as true today as when he first said them in 1973.

This writer recalls a time in the not so ancient early-2000’s when his barely pubescent beard was cut as a form of punishment by an especially cruel PT teacher, but that’s a less heroic story for another day.

Maybe my PT teacher outlawed beards for the same reason as Alexander the Great who banned his soldiers from wearing beards for fear of enemies pulling the beards in battle.

Ancient Egyptians dyed and braided their beards while the men of ancient India simply grew theirs as long as possible to show wisdom.

Beards seem to have gone out of fashion during key periods of innovation such as the Roman Civilization and the Renaissance, probably a coincidence as a quick scan around the office of any startup today keenly points to the beard being the trend of choice amongst current innovators.

If those same hipsters lived during the reign of King Henry VIII they would find their beards as a pre-populated section on their tax return as “Coppernose” made beard wearing a taxable offense. Despite sporting a lush beard of his own. This practice was also supported by Queen Elizabeth and Peter the Great.

Beards have enjoyed mixed popularity over the past 200 years – booming with Abraham Lincoln and flailing during World Wars as beards interfered with the effectiveness of gas masks.

Damned hippies and their beatnik ways swung popular perception of beards right through the moustache dominating 80’s only for George Michael and his designer stubble to get us experimenting with full on beards again and heralding the rise in  popularity of beards we have today.

Hey, any excuse I can get to praise George Michael I’ll take it. Beards are all around us today, from coffee shops to sports fields to boardrooms and beard culture is a multi-million rand industry with no shortage of beard care products and shavers to keep what’s on your face, fresh, clean and fluffy.

No doubt beards have taken on various forms in direct response to the economic, social and cultural climate they exist in.
Are you using your beard to make a mark on history?

Others have – so join them and be one of the Bold and Beard-full.

A fuzzy recollection of our favourite face decoration with Philips.



** Infographic illustrates the stories told with the Philips QG3320 Multi -groomer being made the revolutionary hero that helps create the perfect beard.

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