The Best Haircut For A Receding Hairline

A textured crop cut is what you need, 
if you have a receding hairline. This is 
a low-maintenance haircut for a 
fuss-free guy.

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A receding hairline doesn’t have to mean shaving it all off, just get a proper cut to keep things looking fresh without the hassle.

Receding hairline

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At the barber Assuming that you have the most common face shape (square or oval), try a medium-length haircut with a lengthy fringe in front that covers some of your forehead, says Brian Oosthuizen, stylist and 
owner of Blokes Hair in Cape Town. Clip off the sides with a number two setting and blend down towards a number one. You want to keep the 
top textured, but cut all the hair the same length towards the front and angle the fringe 45 degrees. This 
way you’ll be able to take advantage 
of your textured hair on top and stay trendy. Use a lightweight styling aid 
to keep your hair looking structured.

Try: REF Ocean Mist 303

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