Take Care Of Your Hair

Jason Brown |

Name: Grant Whitfield
Career: Art director/media entrepreneur

We took Grant to Evolv Men’s Grooming for a clean-up and some grooming advice.

Owner of Evolv, Nick Dale, examined Grant’s hair texture. Although the density of Grant’s hair is good, it is very fine, as a result we chose to scissor cut rather than use the clippers. This is done to reduce the scalp exposure and give the cut a softer coverage. We advised Grant
to use a wax rather than gel, the reason being that waxes create a dry look, while gel will create a wet look.

The general rule of thumb is that hair that looks wet appears thinner and dry-looking hair appears fuller. We also advised Grant to use a wax that is naturally based and free of polymers so as to avoid build-up and the clogging of pores. This will create a fertile scalp to grow hair. Remember the scalp is the soil and the hair the crop, so everything is dependent on the health of the scalp.

We decided to lose the beard completely to give him a clean look. Grant has a round face so he can still getaway with short stubble.

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