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Does Baldness Run In The Family?

A. My family tree is deciduous.
B. My mom’s dad was bald by 25.
C. Hairy to start, but major loss in later years.

You can blame your missing hairs on your heritage. The Institute of Trichologists in London now thinks that both parents’ genetics are responsible. If either grandpa was a baldie, it might not just be his ties that you inherit.

What’s Your Diet Like?
A. I am on a no-carbs regime at the moment.
B.  I am tie-dyed veggie.
C. You have a weakness for steak and kidney pies.

“Hair is sensitive to a change in diet,” says Marilyn Sherlock, chairman of the Institute of Trichologists. A lack of iron is an important factor – if you don’t eat red meat, ensure you have a healthy dose of spinach at least three times a week.

Do You Have Any Hairs On Your Chest?
A. Yes, and on my back. And on my palms.
B. I wax what little I have.
C. My chest is like a baby’s bum.

Androgens, the hormones responsible for hair loss, are also linked to
excess body hair. Studies suggest regular depilation can increase hair
thickness and growth on the scalp. So lose the hairy back sweater.

Have You Been Working Out?
A. I have been throwing around dumbbells six times this week.
B. I’ve mainly been working out how much weight I have put
on this year.
C. Yes, I keep pretty fit with a varied routine of cardio based exercise.

If your hairline is making a hasty retreat, swop the reps for the rowing
machine. This a natural solution, because if you stick to a routine
of aerobic exercise, it will help to keep your androgen levels lower.

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