Socks With Loafers: Yay Or Nay?

Your feet, your style, your rules.

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This has been a conversation raging for years; to wear socks with loafers or not to wear socks with loafers.  The beauty of it being 2020 is that it’s entirely up to you. Your feet, your style, your rules.

But if you want some guidelines, we’re here for you.

When To Wear Loafers With Socks

The general ‘rule’ for wearing socks with loafers is to pull them on when the occasion calls for more formal attire. Loafers, by definition, are for ‘loafing in’ so are usually worn with a more casual ensemble, but pair them with a suit and the right socks, and you’re ready to rock the red carpet.

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Don’t be afraid to play with colours or patterns when teaming your socks with your outfit. It will make a statement – just make sure the sock patterns or colours match. Stick with the darker coloured loafers – black or burgundy work best.

When To Wear Loafers Minus The Socks

Loafers without socks can make a real fashion statement. Perfectly suitable (in fact, encouraged) for any casual, yet sophisticated look, requiring minimal effort. Opt for tapered three-quarter pants, or rolled up jeans for a classic style.

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If you’re not a big fan of going sock-less due to the possibility of sweaty and stinky feet, then pull on a pair of no-show or ‘secret’ socks. This will protect both your feet and the shoe. Alternatively, look for a shoe that has genuine leather sock lining, such as these Larkin Weejuns. The sock lining will absorb any sweat and keep any possible nasty infections at bay.

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