Keep Your Kicks Fresh And Clean In Just 3 Steps

“It’s all about fresh, crisp kicks.”

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How To Maintain Your Sneakers

Keeping your kicks box-fresh is part of the game. “You can’t walk out with busted shoes,” says shoe care expert Jason Markk. “It’s all about fresh, crisp kicks.” Here are some of Markk’s best tips on eliminating stains, scuffs, and creases.

Prepare To Wear

Place your shoes on newspaper. Apply a stain repellent – like Scotchguard – holding the can 15 to 20cm from the shoe. (Don’t oversaturate). Let the shoes cure overnight. Apply a second coat the next day and let the shoes dry overnight again. Wear with gusto.


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Erase Unsightly Stains

Smudged your Pumas? Immediately dab any new stains with a cloth dipped in cold water. Then use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of any dirt and debris.

Apply a shoe cleaner to the bristles and then dip the brush in water. Gently scrub the shoe’s upper until clean.

Dip a microfibre towel in the cleaning solution and scrub the midsoles. Then use a dry microfibre towel to absorb the excess moisture. Dry overnight.

Put ‘Em Away

Stuff your shoes with cedar shoe trees (or at least crumpled-up paper) to preserve their shape, prevent creases, and fight odour. If your sneaks are especially stinky, insert odour-absorbing insoles. Store your kicks in a cool, dry place in cloth bags or the original box.

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