This Antiperspirant Will Keep You Fresh All Day

Take freshness to the extreme with Shower to Shower Men’s new deos.

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Have a crazy life-schedule, plus a whole lot of extra activities that include gym, sports and an added load at the office? Yeah – join the club. Life is getting busier and the constant demand to squeeze in more makes it easy to slip up on certain essentials, such as, ahem, body odour…

Fortunately Shower to Shower Men has relaunched a range of products that will put in the hard work for you, so your freshness can be the last thing you need to think about, and the first thing people notice.

Stay shower fresh for as long as 48 hours

The relaunch includes improvements to product and fragrance formulations along with a bold new look for both their aerosols and roll-ons.  The brand conducted an independent research study, comprising 150 aerosol users, and the reviews speak for themselves. Guys described the new look as innovative and exciting and the new look was not just preferred by current Shower to Shower users, but also by men who use competitor deo brands, too.

But does it really work?

“We’ve made sure our fragrances deliver on the fresh expectations our innovative new look creates and, we’re glad to report that when tested against leading industry benchmarks, our fragrances and efficacy passed with flying colours, says Claire Bowen – Shower to Shower brand manager.” Plus, the entire range also offers 48-hour protection to keep up with the demands of high-achieving lifestyles.

A variety of scents to choose from

The Shower to Shower Men’s range now also boasts the addition of antiperspirant sprays to keep consumers dry and fresh for the whole day. These include scents like Shower to Shower Extreme Dry and Shower to Shower Cool Musk.

The deodorant range offers scents like Shower to Shower Extreme Fresh, Cool Confidence, Fresh Sport and Intense Cool.

The brand certainly speaks to the modern man – the kind of guy who is wellness conscious and needs to excel and push himself further – whether it be in his career, on the sports field or in his personal life.

“It goes without saying that freshness should be the last thing you worry about when you walk out the door in the morning. We’re bringing this message across in a big way with our #takefreshtotheextreme approach to extreme freshness.”

Shower to Shower Men’s fresh new product offering can be found in most major retailer’s.

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