Ray-Ban 75th Anniversary

Kirsten Curtis |

To celebrate their 75th Anniversary Ray-Ban has released their most famous design, in an exclusive 22 carat gold folding design.

With a selective distribution of 7,500 sets worldwide, the Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra is the newest edition to the Aviator family.

Then it’s the Legends Live – 7 iconic songs, 7 legendary performances, 75 years of Ray-Ban. Click the following links for essential viewing.

Inge Beckmann does the 30’s

Laudo Liebenberg does the 40’s

Jeremy de Tolly does the 50’s

Beatenberg do the 60’s

Arno Carstens does the 70’s

Van Coke Kartel do the 80’s

AKA, Jack Parow and The Plastics do the 90’s

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