Travel Style Tips From Montblanc’s Creative Director Zaim Kamal

Our fashion & grooming editor sat down with Montblanc Creative Director, Zaim Kamal, before their big event.

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Montblanc – the maison of luxury, specialising in writing instruments, timepieces and leather goods, is on the forefront of men’s accessories. Montblanc, which recently launched their latest travel collection, held one of the most anticipated events of the year, together with a memorable travel experience, and we were there to connect with fashion icons from across the globe.

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The iconic Metropol Theatre at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin opened its doors to Montblanc for the first time after six years. Reconnecting with the world was the key theme for the evening. The theatre was transformed into an evening of luxury, where the new travel campaign was brought to life.

Travellers from all over the globe reconnected in one space for an empyreal travel experience and Berlin was the backdrop for the launch of Montblanc’s new travel campaign. The travel experience was attended by friends of the maison, including Adrien Brody, Quincy Brown, Alex Pettyfer, Poppy Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, Toni Garrn, Pierre Niney, Frederick Lau and Jürgen  Vogel. Talk about name dropping!

Before the world-class launch, I had the opportunity to catch up with the creative director of Montblanc, Zaim Kamal, to get some insight behind the new travel collection.

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Here’s what he had to say:

What’s the most innovative aspect of the new collection?

“There’s more than one aspect, it’s a combination and culmination of many things. For example, the telescopic handle on the trolley allows ease of movement, the wheels we designed with a Japanese wheel maker are so smooth it dances with you, and the leather details are inspired by vintage luggage. All these aspects create an exceptional piece of luggage.”

How do you keep a heritage brand so relevant and innovative for the new breed of professionals?

“Montblanc has been founded in 1906 and it has uninterruptedly been successful for the enitre period. How does a maison stay so successful? By being relevant in the mind and the perception of the clients.

“In the last five years business has changed, it’s not the business our fathers use to do, today it feels more of a luxury business lifestyle. With that in mind, we would like to give our clients the appropriate tools they need as a professional to achieve their daily task.”

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Traveling is usually stressful, what’s the travel essential you can’t live without?

“I’m traveling all the time so my sketchbook, a writing instrument and my entire music collection are with me in my duffel bag. These essentials help me move in the world and disconnect me from the world.”

Please share your goals and your thought process behind the new collection?

“When you’re travelling there’s a ritualisation in packing and we wanted to celebrate these rituals. Travelling is so personal and the closest companion we have is our piece of luggage. My one fear I have when travelling is that my luggage will go missing. So the trolley case is designed in a way it can fit underneath your seat – so it stays with you all the time.”

How do you stay motivated when you have to provide multiple design assets and ideas?

“I love the speed and challenges of my job. The day I loose my enthusiasm is the day I won’t work anymore.”

Before investing in a newer, sleeker travel bag, what are the factors the consumer should consider?

“When you’re investing in a bag that’s going to be with you for a lifetime make sure you test drive the bag in the store. It’s about the feel, the touch, the sound– move it around, carry it around. Be sure of your investment. And that’s what I keep in mind in my designing process.”

The trolley is light, durable and functional. Which Zaim believes is precisely what you need when travelling.

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