Learning From Montblanc Explorer Model Rein Langeveld

A bold fragrance can make every day feel like a new adventure. Here's what inspired this model.

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Elegant, charismatic and timeless; Montblanc might be known for their exquisite travel-proof writing instruments, high-quality leather goods and elegant timepieces, but unlike these high-priced items, the Explorer fragrance is an accessible investment accessory that lets every man tap into his own sense of adventure – and smell enticing every day.

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R 1,395


Montblanc embodies the values of the modern-day adventurer: the desire for new experiences and the exquisite scents of exotic destinations. That’s why the fragrance house enlisted three Givaudan perfumers, each to focus on an individual ingredient from one part of the world – bergamot from Italy, vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia.

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These ingredients create for a woody aromatic scent that begins with a fresh, citrusy burst of excitement, and settles into a warm, intoxicating musky aroma. So you get a world tour with just one spritz – as will anyone else who gets close. Plus, that attractive glass bottle wrapped in the iconic Saffiano motif is the perfect, stylish curio for your bathroom shelf.

We spoke to Rein Langeveld the new face for Montblanc Explorer, who was at our Menswear Collections event, to take us on his Explorer journey.

How does being the face of a fragrance differ from your other professional projects?

Fragrance campaigns are statues in time, it’s everlasting like the scent. Montblanc stamped me as a legit explorer and the experience was a true adventure for me.

What do you like about the Montblanc Explorer fragrance?

The bottle holds a promise, and the scent feels pleasant around you, it shows its strength.

Did you wear it whilst shooting the campaign?

Phillipe Benacin (Interparfums’ CEO) gave me a sample bottle on set and it was like Aladdin’s lamp. I wore the  fragrance in every scene. I was portraying solitude, distracting my mind to do good from the fuzz of filming. On set, the fragrance was, and today is, still my lover.

What are your packable essentials when you travel?

For me it is more about what intrigues me on the day, rather than pre-planning and having the same essentials for every adventure. As I’m answering this, I’m jet-setting to Greece – and packing for this trip happened only minutes before. I’ve learned to be spontaneous with my packing, and chose what feels comfortable at that moment.

Check out more of Rein’s incredible modelling work here.

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