I Swapped My Sneakers For These CAT Shoes For A Week

The challenge: Wear these CAT Uxbridge shoes for a week without reaching for my usual sneakers. Here's how that went down.

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Formal shoes and I have never been the best of friends. Besides the odd suit-and-tie occasion, I try to avoid them completely. Ever since I matriculated and had the freedom to ditch that school blazer, shirt, tie, pants, and of course, those pinchy leather shoes – I’ve opted for more comfortable footwear: sneakers.

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But, some dapper demon possessed me into swapping my daily rotation of kicks and to choose something a bit out of my comfort zone. Enter the CAT Uxbridge leather shoes. The challenge: Wear them for a week to work without reaching for my usual sneakers.

Simple, right?

“It’s Basically A Sneaker.”

That was my approach, just treat it like it was part of my everyday selection; like it was my style. Fake it ’til you make it, you know? But I didn’t have to do much pretending. The Uxbridge’s simple silhouette gives it a casual look and feel, which I don’t usually expect from a leather shoe. The outsole definitely has a sneaker-esque appeal to it. The shoe itself it’s pretty light, but still feels very durable.

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“But It’s Leather?”

The one thing that took some getting used to, for me, was that it’s a leather shoe. My feet have become so accustomed to canvas sneakers that leather just felt strange to me. But this leather isn’t as hard and stubborn like those school shoes from back in the day. Instead, the inside of the shoe is quite soft and flexible. The footbed is a marriage between cork and foam which gives great cushioning and is organically designed to manage odour.

The Verdict?

After two days of subliminally side-eyeing myself, looking down at my feet and whispering “remember who you are” in my best Mufasa impression, I finally felt that they were part of my routine. I paired them with my standard work “uniform” – skinny jeans, a jersey and sometimes a denim jacket. Lo and behold, it actually looked good. My inner sneakerhead that was protesting at the start of the week, started to accept the other side of footwear and realized that this could actually work.

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By the end of the week, my once distant relationship with formal shoes had grown into a close bond – don’t worry, not TOO close. I realized that it isn’t only the sneaker industry that is adapting and updating their style, but the shoes outside of streetwear are making innovations as well. The CAT Uxbridge has proven to be a light, durable and comfortable choice – even for a sneakerhead like me.

Don’t believe me? Put yourself in my shoes and give it a try.


CAT Uxbridge (Brown)

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