How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Lockdown

Running short on cleanser during lockdown? We have all the hacks and tips to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

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Social distancing means you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with your skincare routine. Of course none of your family and friends can see that you haven’t washed your face for three days, but in times like this, taking care of yourself and your skin goes a long way. Here’s how.

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Keep your hands in shape

Good hand-washing practices are a must. It’s now even more important than ever – imagine all those protective oils you are stripping from your skin by constantly washing your hands.

“So get into the habit of putting on a hand cream every time you wash your hands,” says Cape Town dermatologist Dr Dagmar Whitaker. She recommends a good hand cream like Eucerin or you can use a basic 10% Urea in Cetomacrogol cream.


Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Dry Skin Intensive Hand Cream (75ml)

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Keep your hands sanitised

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers that contain at least 60% alcohol can also be used to rid your hands of germs. However, keeping our hands clean can lead to, and exacerbate, dry skin issues. That’s why it’s important to both sanitise and moisturise.

Hand sanitisers should be used when it makes the most sense, like after touching a door handle or another surface that might carry germs. In fact, the more regularly you use it the more effective it will be.

Our recommendation? Clere Pure & Protect Instant Hand Sanitiser, which provides 99.99% germ protection with an alcohol content of 65%.


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Put on a face mask while the geyser warms up

Before you turn on the shower, slather your face in a detoxing mask. They often contain clay or charcoal, which will help draw out impurities and dirt as it dries and gives you a much deeper clean than your average face wash.

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Pro tip: Spread the mask down to your neck if you’re prone to razor burn. This will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, which makes shaving easier and less irritating. If you don’t have a face mask – use your partner’s face mask.


LAB SERIES Detox Clay Mask

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Cleansing Techniques

With many looking to wear medical face masks when going outdoors, it’s important that you cleanse your face thoroughly day and night time to remove foreign particles, says Stephnie-Anne Dickinson, Head of Training at Optiphi. “It is important to use a cleanser that balances the pH of your skin and reinstates the moisture.”

If you are running short on a cleanser during lockdown, make chamomile tea, she suggests. “Use a tea bag of chamomile tea with two cups of boiled water. Soak a face cloth in your tea in the tepid liquid and apply to your face for 3 minutes. Your skin will feel supple and fresh with its healing, anti-oxidant, cleansing and moisturising properties.”


Optiphi Facial Cleanser

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Exfoliate Once A Week

During the day, your face collects a lot of the dirt, oil, and debris you encounter, trapping this into your pores and resulting in what can seem like volcano-sized blackheads or adult acne. Your trusty go-to brand for deodorant and body wash also happens to make an exceptional face scrub for men.

This gentle scrub does wonders to give your skin the deep clean it needs, without completely stripping your skin of the moisture.


NIVEA Men Deep Face Scrub

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Don’t forget your SPF

“You’ll still need your SPF when staying at home, too,” says Whitaker. “This is because daylight equals UV light, which may not burn your skin while you’re sitting by the window, but it will cause premature ageing.”

The fix? Something that can protect against the damage of the UV and blue light, says Dagmar. We like Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser below.


Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

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Use the steam to shave

We all know to shave after a shower, because the steam softens our facial hair and the moisture helps decrease irritation. But shaving in the shower is even better for that exact reason. Shaving in the shower will be the best you’ll get outside the barber shop. The constant barrage of steam keeps pores open and hair follicles lulled into a softness that makes them easier to cut.


Longmarket Barber Shaving Cream

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Care for your razors

The most common place guys store razors—face down in the shower—also happens to be the worst place possible. Moisture will make your blade dull and harbor bacteria that could infect your face the next time you shave. Instead, store your razor with the blade up—in a small glass works best—in a dry place (read: in a cabinet, not on your countertop).


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Use a body wash (and loofah)

If you’re going to be using a body wash, your hands just won’t cut it. You need to use a loofah, a spongey mesh ball thing. The material exfoliates the dead cells on your body as you wash, which not only helps clear the way to a better clean, but leaves your skin feeling softer and healthier. A washcloth will do the same thing, but the bonus with a loofah is that you don’t have to remember to throw it in the washing machine. Just make sure you get a new one very few months.


Johnson's Deep Clean Body Wash Sea Salt (400ml)

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