How The Homeless Around The World Are Getting Free Haircuts

This barber travels the world to give free haircuts to homeless people

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Joshua Coombes is the hairdresser from Britain who founded the #DoSomethingForNothing movement that encourages people to help the less fortunate. The hairdresser often walks the streets of the places he travels such as Spain, USA and his native Britain offering his skills as a barber and hairdresser. Coombes said the aim is to bring awareness to the stigma that homeless people face.

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The UK native goes above providing haircuts but also speaks to the individual and posts about their life story. Among the people he met, Joshua has given haircuts to refugees such as the young boy below.

Joshua hopes that by providing this service and creating awareness, it will humanise the issue by focusing on the individual. See below for more on the good work Joshua does.

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Joshua has won the men’s stylist of the year award in 2016 at the London Hair and Beauty Awards since starting the #DoSomethingForNothing movement.

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