Style Hack: Pick The Right Board Shorts For Your Body Shape

Tall or short, thin or big, there’s no reason you can’t look great at the beach

Azeez Jacobs |

Tall or short, thin or big, there’s no reason you can’t look great at the beach, just make sure you get the fit right. Whether you need to buy a present for your mate or you want to be the freshest guy poolside and at the beach, this guide’s got you sorted.

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Tall guys

Rule: Try swim shorts that hit right above the knee. This will give your body some proportion and even your height out. These are our top 3 picks for tall guys in summer 2017:

Billabong Northpoint 20″ Boardshorts Multi (R 769) – Available at Zando

Hurley Phantom Beachside Blender Boardshorts Black (R999.95) – Available at Pollywog

Red Pink Melange Swim Shorts  (R139.99) – Available at Mr Price

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Big guys

Rule: Opt for something solid, darker colours will help you streamline your silhouette. These are our top 3 picks for big guys in summer 2017:

Volcom Lido Liney Mod Boardshorts Dusty Aqua (R949) – Available at Pollywog

Lizzard Norton 19″ Boardshorts Black (R549) – Available at Zando

Granadilla Cocktail Swim Shorts Navy (R 699) – Available at Zando

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Shorts guys

Rule: Invest in a pair that hits around the mid-thigh area, gives the illusion of longer legs. These are our top 3 picks for short guys in summer 2017:

Crosshatch Brekkon Shorts Cherry (R309) – Available at Zando

RT Stone Swim Shorts (R139.99) – Available at Mr Price


Smith & Jones Antinode Swim Shorts Yellow Cream (R 379) – Available at Zando

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Slim guys

Rule: If you want to look a little bigger, a bold print or colour will add some bulk to your frame. These are our top 3 picks for slim guys in summer 2017:

Mami Wata – Mfazazana Boardshort (R799) – Available at Pollywog

Granadilla Crayfish Swim Shorts Baby Blue (R699) – Available at Zando

Speedo Beachburst Printed lsre 18 Watershorts Red (R639) – Available at Zando

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