Your Guide To Growing A Beard…Because Smooth Is Criminal

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Your favourite cricketer is doing it, your favourite rapper is doing it…

The kid on your block whose voice only broke at 17 is even able to do it – men all over Mzansi are growing beards and you’re next.  Philips will put you on the road to the beard you deserve…

But Where Do You Start?

Well why not the Philips QG3320.  Yes Philips bring you the ultimate 3-in-1 beard and detail trimmer to best advise on how to go from bum fluff to tough stuff.

No Need For A Patchy Beard…

Most guys can grow a beard but how do you make sure it looks more like Drake and less like Patchy McPatchy Beard Guy, the guy with a patchy beard?

Once your beard reaches a decent length it’s time to start trimming with a great trimmer. The Philips QG3320, 3-in1 beard and detail trimmer from the multigroom series is the perfect tool. Trimming allows your beard to take shape – a shape that will be important down the line. It will also eradicate split ends – yeah, beard guys have to worry about those – keeping your beard soft and manageable. The 3-in1 trimmer helps trim your face, neck and sideburns to give you clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard.

And you’re not going to need the steady hand of a surgeon to get those sharp lines either. Nothing worse than spending a couple of weeks growing a beard, only for your shaky mitts to ruin it all during a routine trim.

The Philips QG3320 groomer is not only skin friendly, but its high performance, self-sharpening blades, made of finely ground chromium steel, give you a longer lasting shave while their rounded tips and combs ensure smooth, protected contact with your skin.

Less ingrown hairs, more precision. What about the skin you’re covering up? Out of sight, out of mind right?

Not so much. Your skin care regime is as important as ever. A gentle face wash, regular exfoliating, moisturizer and even sunscreen – no matter your ethnicity, all help keep the skin under your beard healthy.

And we all know beards only grow on happy faces. So there you have it – not too complicated – anyone can do it.

A trusty trimmer from Philips – a good skin care routine plus some discipline and you’re on your way to the beard you deserve.

Philips S7000 AquaTouch – Our No.1  for Sensitive skin  (Disclaimer- No.1 within Philips facial shaving range)


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