Get The Look You’ve Always Wanted With Gatsby

If you’re the kind of guy who rolls out of bed with perfect hair, this article is NOT for you.

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Walk into any grooming aisle these days and you’re presented with so many options, it’s easy to give up on a style-change. But there’s an upside to having options, and finding the right product means you could have the best hair of your life, at your fingertips.

Get the style with Gatsby Styling Wax

In walks Gatsby  – a quality styling brand, born in Japan in 1978. Its products include a range of hair waxes that tick all the grooming boxes for the David Beckham kind of guy. Gatsby is passionate about empowering men to pull off great hair all the time.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese term “kakkoii” – which means to be cool-looking or handsome – Gatsby is made to support men around the world who are ready to express their unique style with confidence.

Whatever the look, you can create it

The hairstyling brand boasts a variety of styling waxes, suitable for different styles and hair textures. Changing your look from an Emo Asymmetric, Mohawk Firmed, British Layered or Waved Natural Look; to a Harajuku Volume Up, or Spiky Stand Up, has never been this easy.

Complete your collection with the new gels launched for a Water Gloss look to help you get that desired hairstyle with a natural finish. From super hard strength, to a soft setting – both the wet look but with a natural feel, or choose to opt for an extra strong strength that is smooth, non-sticky and easy to rinse with water.

Create the look you want with Gatsby.

Gatsby Styling Wax available at PnP, Clicks, Dis-Chem. Gels available at Dis-Chem.

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