The 7 Manscaping Hacks Every Man Should Know

These tips will make manscaping as smooth and painless as possible.

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When you hear the word “manscaping”, most people immediately think of shaving ‘down there’. In actual fact, the act of manscaping refers to any hair removal on the male body that isn’t on the face or scalp; be it underarms, back, legs and yes, the pubic area. But it’s the latter that garners the most attention – because, let’s face it, that thick patch of hair protects some pretty darn sensitive terrain. Even the slightest nick can inflict the world of hurt.

So, to avoid any unnecessary trips to the emergency room,  here are some tips on safely grooming your crown jewels:

1. Neat Not Prepubescent

First up, unless you’re a porn star, most women prefer a neat and tidy garden, not a bald eagle. But make it look natural – no manufactured triangles or striped horses.

1. Trim The Forest

Hacking at your long and curlies is a sure fire way to encourage skin irritations such as razor burn and itching. Rather, trim to about half-a centimetre from the skin. (Too short and it could lead to ingrown hairs,) And make sure you use clean scissors to avoid infection.

2. Sharp Shaving

Always make sure your razor blades are sharp and clean. A dull blade will make the job that much harder (on you and your skin) and an unclean blade is opening yourself up to a host of hygiene issues.


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3. Do It In The Shower

We recommend shaving in the shower. You can get wet and hot (see point below) and it makes things easier to clean up afterwards. In fact, you won’t have to do any clean-up at all!

4. Add Water & Some Heat

Shaving your pubes when they’re dry is a never a good idea. Hot water acts as a natural lubricant and will keep things soft and supple and easier to work with. The heat will also open your pores, preparing the skin and hair for the deed ahead.

5. Don’t Forget The Shave Gel

Lather the entire area. Use a shaving gel which hydrates, moisturises, soothes and protects the skin. Look for one that contains aloe vera. This will help prevent irritating your delicate parts. Reapply as you go.


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6. Go Slow & With The Flow

Pull the skin taught to ensure a smooth shave, and make light, slow, even strokes. Getting aggressive with your razor is a sure way to razor burn. Shave in the direction of the hair growth.  This will not only avoid irritation, potential nicks and painful tugging, but it will help avoid the dreaded after-shave stubble and ingrown hairs.  Rinse the blades often – this removes built-up shaving gel, dead skin cells and of course, hair.

Be extra cautious when taking a razor to your balls. For obvious reasons. Use a portable mirror to help get you to all the tricky hard-to-see places.


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7. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

After rinsing, moisturising is key, because the after-shave itch is real. Again, look for a moisturiser with aloe.  This will sooth the skin, treat any irritation or razor burn and will leave your groin area soft, smooth and ready to impress.


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