Essential Winter Headwear

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No longer solely the headwear of choice for reprobate chokka fisherman and cat-burglers, the beanie is officially back.

And if there’s one thing the modern, style-conscious guy should never underestimate – it’s the power of an accessory.

Thank to the grunge heroes of the 1990s, or the trend-setters who have breathed new life into it, whoever is responsible, if it’s style and warmth that you’re after then you could do far worse than slipping on a knitted hat.

Now anyone can go out and buy a beanie, but style is knowing how to wear it. That slouchy look is so last year, and for winter 2014 you want yours to be fitted and snug in order to take things from casual to sophisticated and cool.

Snow, skate, surf and lifestyle brand Neff headwear offers the style solution for South African men: The Fold beanie.

Neff Fold beanies are soft and light with slightly ribbed knit textures and available in all the essential winter hues of grey, red, blue, olive and rust. They retail for a cool R299.

So don’t blend in with the other suits, blowing warm air into your frosty hands on a morning commute; pull on a beanie for a pop of colour, some much needed insulation and survive a wintry ride to work.

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