Easy Tips to Improve Your Style

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Be Subtle

There’s nothing worse than a guy who looks like he’s trying too hard. Ed Hardy t-shirts emblazoned with tigers? Outrageous haircuts or ridiculously colourful shoes? Not good. The secret to classic style is subtlety. Make sure that your look is well-balanced and doesn’t scream for attention.

Stand Out

Sounds like a contradiction to the previous point but isn’t. Standing out doesn’t have to involve looking like a rodeo clown. Simple things like a cool vintage t-shirt, an interesting jacket or a sleek, well-fitting shirt can call attention to you in a good way.


The fastest way to create an interesting look is with accessories. Your sunglasses, choice of headwear, watch and shoes are the keys to making your look. Once again the key is simplicity; have enough accessories so that you have choice and don’t get bored, but not enough so that they require their own closet to keep them.