Here’s How To Debut Your Denim Jacket

The denim jacket may have its roots in workwear, but is now a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe.

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The Denim Jacket: An Investment

The denim jacket may have its roots in workwear, but nowadays a well-fitted example is a must in every guy’s wardrobe. It’s not just a classic, it’s very versatile – if you know how to style it the right way.

DRESS UP: We love the denim jacket and chinos look. Why? You can sport your denim jacket with fitted chinos in practically any colour and still look sharp.

DOUBLE UP: Denim-on-denim is no longer a fashion crime. But as a rule of thumb, the jacket and the jeans should be roughly two shades apart.

DENIM PLAY: Another option? Pair different colour denim together. A blue denim jacket with black or white jeans is an unexpectedly cool combo.

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For optimum versatility, invest in a jacket that’s not too dark or too distressed. A black or raw-indigo denim jacket will be hard to dress down, and a stonewashed jacket will be too casual for the boardroom. Our pick? Something right in the middle – a washed-and-faded blue one will never fail you. You can break it out on weekends, or at the office with a crisp white shirt and knitted tie!

New rule – look for a denim jacket that has elastane in it. The comfortable, stretchy fabric is a game-changer if you’re a gym-goer.

Our Picks

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