This Is The Most Affordable Grooming Product – And It’s So Versatile!

Plus, it's an absolute must for summer.

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Looking for a one-size-fits-all grooming product? Well, here it is… Petrolleum Jelly, the house-hold staple that’s been in your bathroom cupboard for decades – is super versatile and an absolute must for summer. It’s renowned for its moisturising properties and is the perfect grooming addition for dry and chapped skin.

“By including PJ (petrolleum jelly) in their grooming routine, it will help men to keep their skin looking and feeling smooth and supple,” says Clere for Men brand manager Themba Ndlovu.

Locks in moisture!

He recommends applying PJ following the application of Clere For Men Body Crème to heels just before going to sleep. “This will help lock in moisturising properties and ensure the maximum benefits of this miracle jar are obtained.”

Here are three more reasons why men should be including PJ into their body grooming routines:

  • To tackle dry elbows and knees apply PJ after your Clere for Men Body Lotion or Crème. This will help to lock in the moisturising properties so that these areas will soon be soft and smooth.
  • PJ provides a barrier that does not only locks in moisture but also helps to protect the skin from harsh elements making it the ideal product to apply to lips and cheekbones, as these are often affected by the changing seasons.
  • Paper cuts are irritating and often painful. By applying PJ to the cut, it will help the healing process.

Clere For Men Fragranced PJ is available in three fragrances that have been developed with leading international fragrance houses.  The range includes the crisp and fresh fragrance of Ice, the Fire variant with warm and spicy undertones and the newly launched woody and herbaceous notes of Storm that are underpinned with a fresh marine fragrance.

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