Antonio Banderas Shares His Grooming And Style Secrets With Us

Through the years Antonio Banderas has managed to mix edge and sophistication to create a timeless persona. This is how he's done it

Desperado star Antonio Banderas through the years has managed to mix edge and sophistication to create a timeless persona.

We caught up with Banderas, who was in SA raising funds for charity Nkosi’s Haven and promoting his new cologne, Secret Temptation, to find out his grooming and style secrets.

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Defy Time

“The secret to timeless style is knowing who you are. But be alert, be natural and be curious about your surroundings.”

Leave Groom To Grow

“Identify your skin type and your biggest skin problems. Next time you’re in the store you’ll know exactly what you need to buy.”

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Scents Should Be Subtle

“Pay attention to how a fragrance reacts to your skin. You want something that reflects your personality – but don’t spray too much, you don’t want to smother someone else with your scent. Less is always more.”

Be Efficient

“As an actor who has done 104 movies, I quickly learnt how to use my time wisely. My grooming routine takes around 30 minutes every morning because I want to try get as much sleep as I can the night before.”

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Travel Smart

“Always pack a leather jacket, one pair of jeans, simple T-shirts and a pair of sneakers when you travel. Above that, I want to make sure I have casual options too (think: blazer, polo shirts and chinos).

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