Ace Your Morning Routine With These 5 Steps From The MH Style Team

The big secret to daily efficiency? Park the phone, and pare down your bathroom stash. Your morning routine doesn't have to involve checking emails.

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Pausing to like a few Instagram posts, dig through your sock drawer, or search for your body wash in a jumble of bottles costs you valuable minutes in the morning.

If you’re always frazzled as you prepare for your day, you may need an efficiency overhaul. Start by stepping away from the smartphone; then set aside time to organise your clothes. Finally, declutter your bathroom by using products that eliminate steps.

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5 Simple Ways To Save Time

Efficiency expert and founder of The 7 Minute Life, Allyson Lewis has a few suggestions:

  1. Make the shower your one spot for washing your body and face, brushing your teeth, and shaving.
  2. Cut clutter by limiting your choices: put out only one body wash and shampoo at a time.
  3. Use multi-purpose grooming products, such as a combination face wash and exfoliator.
  4. Decide what to wear the night before. Don’t leave the bathroom until you’re fully dressed.
  5. Leave your phone outside the bathroom so you won’t be tempted to check it obsessively.
  6. Place a small travel clock at eye level in the bathroom so you can keep track of time.

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Use these products to supercharge your everyday strategy.

Shower n’ Shave


Stick Hydro 5 Power Select

With three selectable levels of vibration, your shave can be precision-tailored to your needs. And because it’s waterproof, you can also shave while you shower.

R 89.95


Smell Fresher


Nivea Deodorant 150ml Male Dry Impact Plus

Guaranteed to keep you dry all day long, with a great masculine scent.

R 29.95


Clean Deeper


Vaseline Men Face Moisturizer 50ml Oil Control

The glacial clay in this cleanser removes oil and dirt from deep within the pores. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed, with a cooling sensation to boot.

R 54.95


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All In One


Nivea Men Face Creme Even Tone

Uneven skin tone? This non-sticky lotion balances it out – thanks to a unique formula that contains UV filters and liquorice extract.

R 54.95


Long Lasting


L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser Anti-fatigue

This anti-fatigue moisturizer is powered by Vitamin C and smart ingredients to provide all-day-long action. It also helps to soothe razor burn and redness too.

R 119.95


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