A Man’s Guide To Grooming For A First Date

You've landed the big date, congratulations. Make sure you get a second one.

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There’s plenty that could go wrong on the night of a first date. You could spill red wine on his or her shirt, the conversation could dry up like the Sahara in a drought, or you could get spinach stuck in your teeth. While you can’t control everything, you can make sure your grooming is on point. But here’s the conundrum; too much effort and you look like you over-preen, too little effort and you look like you’re not interested and she’s not worth it. You need to find the middle ground.

Follow these steps to getting it just right:

Step 1. Shower

A quick shower (with soap) is non-negotiable. You need to smell fresh and clean. But maybe wash your hair the day before. Freshly washed hair can be tricky to style.

Step 2. Shave

If you’re a bearded man, obviously don’t sheer it all off for the sake of the date. But give it a good trim to keep things neat and tidy.  And while you’re at it, trim those nose hairs and brows too.

If you’re clean-shaven by choice, then a pre-date shave is a must. Sporting a 5-o-clock shadow screams scruffy and a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, especially on the first date. If the date progresses to a second, scout her out about her facial hair preferences.


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Step 3: Sort Out ‘Down There’

Don’t assume things are going to get beneath the sheets, but you can never be too prepared. And feeling primed below the belt, leaves you feeling good above it too. Just make sure you do your manscaping a few days before to get over any bumps or unsightly rashes that might rear their ugly heads.

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Step 4: Trim The nails

Unkempt or dirty nails are an immediate turn-off. Give them a good scrub and file the edges, or at least give them a trim.

Step 5: Brush Your teeth

Brush, floss and rinse. It will give you fresh, minty breath and will ensure there’s nothing dodgy lurking amongst your pearly whites.

Step 6: Smell Good

A good dose of deo will keep the pit stains at bay and will keep you smelling fresh all date long.


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If you want to top up with a spritz or two of cologne that’s up to you. It’s a personal preference, so find the one that you identify with the most, but don’t make your own signature scent by mixing! And a word to the wise, less is more.

This should give you a solid foundation from which to work from, the rest is up to you. Good luck!

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