Women Wish You Would Shave Your Hair Off In These Spots

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73% of guys said they’d been pressured by their partner to shave their groin
By Gavin Evans

From your shoulders to your neck to your testicles, there are a lot of places on your body where you probably wish you weren’t sprouting hair. You’re not alone!

According to the survey, a large number of men have been pressured by their other halves to cut off unwanted fur from somewhere on their bodies. Frankly, given that they’re the ones putting up with us, that seems fair. In order, the top 10 areas that the surveyed men had been pressured to manscape: groin (73 percent), chest (72 percent), back (71 percent), nose (66 percent), armpits (64 percent), butt (63 percent), eyebrows (63 percent), toes (50 percent), legs (48 percent) and arms (43 percent).

Check which ones apply to you.

Additionally, nearly 60 percent say that they would get what The Sun calls a “Boyzillian,” meaning they’d follow through on a partner’s request to fight puberty and shave their groins. You don’t have to call it a “Boyzillian,” though, and we’re not going to, either.

Over a third of those polled state that their partner finds a man who is hair-free more attractive. On top of that, over half of those questioned state that they weren’t sure of the “correct way” to shave their bodies, and even more (almost two-thirds) said they were too embarrassed to ask.

Finally, the survey offered the five biggest reasons for why men shave. These were (again, in order): for comfort (43 percent), for their partners (34 percent), to look sharp on a date (31 percent), to emulate celebrity icons (29 percent), and to feel more attractive (28 percent).

However, it should be noted that the survey was given out by razor and personal care products company Wilkinson Sword. So, consult your partner before you pull out the trimmers.

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