7 Classic Style Remixes For Work & Play

Go from work to play effortlessly

Azeez Jacobs |

Rugged yet modern, double-breasted suits, camel coats and biker jackets are the undefeated champions of cool. Give your wardrobe a timeless edge with these cues from style icons of the past.

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The biker jacket – Mick Jagger

Almost everyone owns a leather jacket, but few of us can pull it off quite like Jagger. Here’s the secret: a trim fit delivers an edgy interpretation of the classic biker style but avoid excessive detailing on the jacket – a distressed finish is great for casual wear, but choose good quality leather for smarter occasions.



The camel coat – Marlon Brando

Chic and understated, the neutral shade looks good with any outfit and skin tone. Unexpected combinations (like a white hoodie, navy chinos and sneakers) will breathe new life into this classic coat. And thanks to the general relaxing of dress codes at work or afterwards, it’s now just as acceptable to wear with jeans or joggers as a suit. Best of all, it forms a crucial building block of a sharp winter wardrobe.

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The white shirt – Steve McQueen

The white shirt is a staple, and brands are giving us so many options to work with, from casual to formal. Start by looking for something crisp and clean. Try a button- down option so you don’t have to fix your shirt collar every time you don’t wear a tie. A good navy suit and worn-in pair of brogues will make your shirt shine. Pro tip: go easy on the fragrance, which can stain the fabric.



Tweed –Sidney Poitier

If you finding yourself reaching for the same blazer over and over, it’s time to try something new. Something textured and less predict- able is a good way to amp up your style game. This is one jacket that won’t need much layering, because it’s made of wool and is thicker than your aver- age blazer.  A grey tone is highly versatile, as will go with everything hanging in your closet, from shirts and ties to sweatshirts and jeans.



The loafers – Cary Grant

Need a smarter pair of shoes for client meetings, something that dresses up as well as down? Loafers go great with jeans and chinos, or, for a smarter look, a suit and tie, too. The low instep allows your feet a little more room, and the leather looks great without socks in sum- mer. (Stash some talc in your drawer and douse your feet twice a day. Your boss will appreciate it.) Bonus: a brown pair looks less formal than black.

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The bomber jacket – James Dean

The bomber jacket shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a useful go-to layer to grab on your way out to, well, anywhere.  Try it with a white T-shirt and blue jeans for understated cool. Think button- down shirts or zip it up over your golfer and chinos with desert boots so you don’t fall foul of any dress codes. The silhouette with its  pinstripe design creates a street-smart aesthetic.



The three piece suit – Sammy Davis JR.

It’s ideal for any formal occasion – from weddings to serious boardroom meetings. But for everyday wear, break it up: drop the jacket for a cooler look, or wear the waistcoat with jeans to look sharper than your colleagues. The key 
is to make sure the waistcoat fits close 
to your body, and your shirt has a slim cut. And keep the bottom vest button undone, as you would with your suit jacket. Just remember, bold prints can look exaggerated on bigger body shapes, and subtler choices work better for taller guys.



The double breasted jacket – Muhammad Ali

Fit is important – Today’s modern versions are tailored for a slimmer fit and should be worn closed with t one bottom button undone. Wear with a button-down chambray shirt. It looks like lightweight denim, and will instantly bring the blazer to life.

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