6 Products You Should Steal From Your Girlfriend

Try them, and pretty soon you won’t be able to live without them

The first thing I noticed about my future husband was his hands—specifically his cuticles. His fingers looked like shredded, knobby stalks of asparagus. When we moved in together, I urged him to borrow my cuticle cream and trimmer—things he had no intention of buying. Suddenly his fingers went from gnarly to nice, and he was hooked.

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Call it an indirect intervention. I asked Amy Komorowski, a celebrity groomer whose clients include Justin Timberlake and Seth Meyers, if this was typical. “I use women’s products on guys all the time,” she said. “A good product is a good product, and if it works and makes someone feel more confident, why not?”

These essentials for women can help you look like a better man.

1. Toner

This stuff will soothe your skin, reduce wrinkling, and take away that midday shine. At night, go with a two-in-one version, like this product with glycolic acid. It exfoliates dead skin that causes acne, fine lines, and bad shaves, all while you sleep.

2. Mask

Komorowski recommends masks to clients before big events because they’re great for adding moisture to skin. The result is a more rested appearance, she says. Try one that transforms from a gel to a peel-away mask that cools with algae extract.

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3. Bath scrub

To echo Def Leppard, pour some sugar on you. This light scrub contains brown sugar, a natural hydrator. It loosens dead skin, so your hide won’t appear so reptilian—something women appreciate. Almond and apricot oils add extra nourishment.

4. Dry shampoo

Shampooing your hair every day makes it coarse and brittle. On those in-between days, women turn to dry shampoo to freshen their look. It doesn’t actually clean your coif, but it does absorb oil and add thickness and volume to limp strands.

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5. Baby wipes

Ask any mother—baby wipes are the answer to life’s messy problems. These convenient lifesavers nullify the dirt and bacteria that can generate stink, freshening everything from sticky fingers to nasty armpits and even swampy nether regions.

6. Cuticle cream

Swipe this concentrated balm across the base of your nails to prevent and heal hangnails—which can bring even the strongest among us to our knees. The jar is small enough to toss into your desk drawer, so every handshake is as smooth as you are.

Article originally found on menshealth.com

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