5 Ways to Achieve Classic Style

Kirsten Curtis |

The Pure Wool Suit

Invest in a pure wool suit. Not only is its quality obvious to the eye, it also responds to the changes in your body temperature. It insulates you when it’s cold outside, and helps wick moisture away from your skin if you’re sweating. Also, wool fibres are more elastic than other fibres. They stretch and move with you, but when returned to the hanger, they resume their natural shape. Pure wool suit. R5000 Fabiani

The Classic Shirt

You can never have enough crisp, white shirts in your wardrobe-they go with everything. When buttoned up, your shirt collar should neither be too tight nor too loose. Find your perfect size by measuring the circumference of your neck where the shirt collar will be, or make sure there is enough space inside the collar to comfortably fit one finger. Shirt R1350 Lacoste.

The Silk Tie

Your choice of tie says a lot about your personality. Stick to classic college stripes, checks or dots for the office. Investing in a silk tie is always a good idea, but be careful to take good care of it or else you’re wasting you’re money. Let the professionals clean any messes or stains on it, and never leave your tie knotted as it will distort the fabric. Roll it up when storing. Tie R400 Fabiani

The Genuine Leather Briefcase

For decades the genuine leather briefcase has been the companion of businessmen. Take a cue and assert yourself with a briefcase that makes a statement of professionalism. Don’t skimp when buying one; it’s an investment that will last you a lifetime. Partridge leather briefcase R8399 Frasers

The Lace-Up Shoe

A good shoe is essential to your overall look. First impressions are lasting and scuffed, dirty shoes simply don’t cut it in the business world. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on shoes, keep the ones you have in great shape by ensuring they’re always polished and clean. After manners, shoes maketh the man. Shoes R999 Aldo.

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