5 Questions To Ask Before Investing In That New Watch

Do your homework before spending money on a new watch

Azeez Jacobs |

If you’re in the market for a new watch, shopping smart and asking the right questions can get you the best on the market. These are the 5 questions you need to ask before shelling out on a new timepiece.

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What kind of movement is used?

A top notch watch runs on mechanical movement, not Quarts and should be able to outlive the person wearing them – It’s all about the craftsmanship.

Is there anything special about the bezel? 

The bezel is the ring around the dial. Some are strictly decorative, but functional ones can move both clockwise and anticlockwise. They’re also a perfect spot to add functions without adding complications to the movement.

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What is the crystal made of? 

Sapphire is probably the most desirable watch glass used in finer timepieces because it’s scratch resistant. It also measures just behind diamond for its hardness and it least prone to shatter or be scratched compare to mineral crystal, which is easily scuffed, in a high end watch.

Is it a screw-down crown? 

Commonly found on dive watches, a screw-down crown ensures water-resistance by sealing the crown to the case of the watch. Great if you don’t want to take it off  before every shower or swim.

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Which metal is it made from?  

Watch casings are predominantly made from one or several types of metals, each ultimately with its own characteristics – cost included. It all comes down to what’s practical and what will suit your lifestyle. The big three are steel, gold and titanium. Titanium – A growing favourite among watch-makers, is lightweight, durable and lends itself to sporty timepieces. Steel is affordable, sturdy and the most versatile, so it’s used across the board. Gold normally dominates the high end watch market but comes with a hefty price tag, and quite a heavy material too.

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