5 Products You Need To Keep In Your Desk Drawer At Work To Help You Get A Promotion

Details matter: a survey by the Centre for Talent Innovation found that sloppy grooming can hurt your career advancement.

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Stock your desk drawer with these just-in-case grooming essentials.

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010117MHM020-7Electric Razor – Nobody will say you missed a spot, but it’s all they’ll see. That saps power from your presentation, the survey says. This is Plan B. Philips Aquatouch (R575, Dis-Chem).

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38687ee0-6f5f-4f7e-a71b-a4063b9ceda5.png._CB272515105_Hand Lotion – There’s nothing like scaly, reptilian skin to make your handshake unforgettable – in a bad way. Soften those rough mitts with a dab of lotion. Nivea Crème (R45, Clicks).

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06341Mini Toothbrush – Before rushing off to a face-to-face meeting, use one of these tablet brushes to extract the lettuce from your teeth and freshen that garlic breath. Toothy Tabs (R125, Lush).

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skin-purifying-wipes_47-01_590x617Face Wipes – Yo, Slick – one swipe of this towelette will strip away dirt and oil with a formula of aloe vera, rosemary, and witch hazel. Skin Purifying Wipes (R290, Dermalogica).

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010117MHM020-1Nail Clippers – Make sure your claws are kempt. Clean nails, well-kept shoes, a close shave, and manicured facial hair are crucial to a professional look. Multi-Use Nail Tool (R199, Dis-Chem).






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