3 Outfits Inspired By The Dads Of MH Staffers

Whether he's sartorially savvy or endearingly cheesy, your old man taught you plenty about style.

Azeez Jacobs, Sandra Nygaard. Photos by Eric Heintz |

The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly

Is there such a thing as style DNA? I hope not – I’m sure everyone’s dad committed lots of embarrassing fashion crimes over the years. Like wearing socks with sandals, ill-fitting suits and the tightest pants that sit high on the waist. In Public.

We asked our colleagues to dig up old Dad photos, and made a surprising discovery: a lot of what (real) men used to wear still works today.

The Casual Weekender

Bob Cilliers – Creative Director Rob Cilliers’ Dad
Jan Viljoen – Senior Designer Werner Viljoen’s Dad


The Original

1. Fit is king, and the 50s taught us just that.

2.The double pleats should be left in the archives.

3. Don Draper recently brought the Clubmaster spectacles back.

4. Neutral hues together can make you look dull.

5. We could still be sporting this retro tracksuit jacket.

6. Great in the 70s, but in 2018, fitted trumps bell-bottoms.

The Update

style dad mag mh sneaker fashion shirt

You may think of chinos as crisp and light- weight, but check the racks: you’ll find pairs of thick cotton twill pants that can stand up to the winter chill.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional neutral like beige, navy, or tan, but be brazen with your T-shirt. Stick with bold stripes, and choose a more tailored fit to flatter your torso and arms. Thanks to the athleisure trend, a retro inspired tracksuit jacket is comfy, not too bulky, and great for warming up before your workout, grabbing a bite to eat, or anything in between. Low-profile sneakers ooze cool, and the striped tape at the back adds personality to the monochromatic look.

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The Suited-Up Guy

Brian Jones – Editor Arthur Jones’ Dad
Sedick Jacobs – Fashion & Grooming Editor Azeez Jacobs’ Dad

The Original

1. A man will always look well-dressed in a classic dark suit.

2. This rule still applies today: we should see roughly 1.5cm of shirt cuff peeking out.

3. The pocket square is timeless and always needed.

4. Inject a bit of complexity with a check or geometric pattern shirt.

5. Slimmer-fitting suits are preferable today.

6. The ‘tache – you either love it or hate it. Kudos if you can pull it off.

7. Skinny ties are still rocking.

The Update

mh style mag dad

Back in the day, suits had a more boxy look on executives – to hide their potbellies, we guess. Modern versions, however, are nicely tailored, with slim lapels and jackets that end higher to show off your physique.

Be playful with your shirt; opt for bolder colours or a vibrant print, the result will be fresher than your dad’s monochromatic vibe. Forget the big cuff links, fat silky ties, and midlife-crisis statement watches. Details still matter. Statement socks can stay – bold stripes or a funky print rather than a solid colour will show you have a wild side.

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The Rugged Outdoorsman

Alex Flemmit – Multimedia Journalist Megan Flemmit’s Dad
Andre Windt – Fashion Assistant Nadia Windt’s Dad

The Original

1.High-waisted pants, no thanks. Leave those to the ladies.

2. Checks are here to stay.

3. Backpack: manly accessory. Always.

4. Thinner stripes are more modern.

5. Denim shorts are great, but you need a longer variety. Seriously.

6. Low-profile sneakers here would be perfect.

The Update

mh style dad mag

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Even guys who don’t like patterns can feel at home in checks like this. A good rule of thumb: the bigger the pattern, the more casual the shirt.

Muted hues, like greys and other neutrals, offer a contemporary take on a classic style. Your foolproof denim formula should include straight-leg styles in medium washes, with authentic-looking distressing. If the hole doesn’t land on a natural stress point, like your knee, it doesn’t look like you made it yourself. Brogue leather boots keep the heritage vibe intact.

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