10 Ways Our April Issue Will Get You Faster, Healthier & Fitter In Lockdown

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The April issue of Men’s Health is here to get you through lockdown. And while it’s packed with loads of ways to get you faster, healthier and fitter in lockdown, it’s also 130 pages. So, if you’ve got your issue already (we hope you have!) and the toilet paper shortage continues… well, you know what I’m getting at here. We did say we’d have your back through this time!

And if you weren’t able to pick a copy up before lockdown you can download a digital copy to get you through the next 21 days.

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Use these 21 days to prime your body for a new PB. Bonus: the digital issue is currently 20% off!

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1. Shed Fat In Record Time

We’ve got the incredible transformation of Terence Burger who lost 21kg, shedding fat and building muscle in the process. But how did he do that without having to step foot into a gym? Well, he used Men’s Health Speed Shred. It’s the ultimate 12 week bodyweight training programme and eating plan designed by personal trainer and MH cover guy Trevor Lagerway. Read his story of how he transformed his body, or sign up to Speed Shred right now.

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2. Increase Your Testosterone

Ever wondered if you ordering testosterone supplements online is safe, or if your anger issues are because of the big T? What about how to know if you have low-T or whether lifting weights will help boost your T levels? We spoke to a testosterone expert to answer all of your questions about testosterone. Plus, he gave us 5 ways you can naturally up your testosterone. Best part? You can do them all from the comfort of your own home.

3. Improve Your Running Without Actually Running

This month we’ve got a running special that will help you smash 10km in 40 minutes by working out (and you can do it all at home). If you want to know exactly what the running special entails, you can check it out here. Just know, you’ll be get a range of fitness tests, essential upgrades for tired warm-ups, a step-by-step guide to running form and more!

4. Learn How To Succeed With Less Time And Effort

Nothing could be more relevant right now. That’s why we’ve got 18 ways you can succeed with less time and effort. For example, did you know a study found that by splitting your 60 minute workout into two bite-sized sessions you’ll burn double the calories? Call it our lazy man’s guide to getting fitter in lockdown.

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5. Build Legs Of Steel Without A Gym

Leg workouts incinerate calories and push your central nervous system to release Hulk-level muscle-building hormones. But that doesn’t mean you have to do a bodybuilder slog of squats, deadlifts and sheer pain. You don’t even need to pick up a barbell. Yes, you read that right, it’s a one-hour lower body blitz that’ll turn your legs into the fitness engine they’re supposed to be. All you need is a set of dumbbells (or get creative and use a household item).

6. Take The Stress Out Of Nailing Your Nutrition Plan

This month, we tested loads of meal prep offerings to find the top 5 brands that are doing meal delivery services the best. And they’re operating during this period, too. We chewed through the nutritional content of each service, the enjoyability and ease of uses to help those who are hungry for progress. What could be better than having your meals delivered to your door during lockdown? Plus, we got our hands on the recipes for the two tastiest meals we tried so you can make them yourself, too.

7. Discover The Exhaustive Guide To Cardio

We’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cardio, getting fitter in lockdown and how to upgrade your cardiovascular system. Want to learn new ways of doing cardio besides running? We’ve got you. Unsure when you should be doing HIIT or LISS? We’ve answered that. Trying to figure out what is the breakfast of champions to fuel your engine? That’s there, plus loads of other tips on everything cardio, too.

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8. Avoid An Unknown Health Crisis

With all the talks about COVID-19, it’s important to take note of other health crises that might not be garnering the same attention. That’s why we’ve done an extensive special report on type 2 diabetes. Why? Because it’s no longer confined to the aged or markedly overweight. Rates of type 2 diabetes are rising fast and 6% of the country are now affected. But what’s even more shocking is that many cases go undiagnosed meaning you could be at far greater risk than you realise.

9. Get 20 Days Of Food With Just 65 Minutes Of Cooking

Cooking once and scoring a lockdown-length of meals? It’s way easier than you think with our simple, step-by-step plan. We’ve got six recipes that require just over an hour of hands-on prep. You can then combine them (with the addition of a few ingredients) to make 20 different combinations. You won’t get bored during these 21 days, but you also won’t have to stock up on loads of different ingredients. What a win!

10. Find Out If You Should Try HIIT Therapy

Getting fitter in lockdown isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s also about mental fitness. That’s why we’re bringing you information about a form of therapy you’ve probably never heard of before: high-intensity anxiety training. Find out if it’s something you could commit to once lockdown is over, or just employ some of the techniques now to get you through anxious times.

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Getting through 21 days of lockdown might seem a bit daunting right now, but there’s no reason you can’t use it as a time to focus on your health and fitness. You’ve just got to know how and luckily we’re here to help you. Download the digital copy todayy, right here.

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