Your Sexiest Holiday Ever

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There’s something sexy about hotel rooms…

Whether it’s the pristine white sheets, which feel so good on naked skin; the giant bed that is normally the focal point of the room; or the thickly-lined curtains that keep the world out, the unfamiliar place makes her heart beat a little faster. It’s the adventurous travel spirit – or is it the scene for a secret affair? – that can lead to highly memorable sex. Brakpan or Brazil, wherever this summer holiday takes you, capture that sizzling uncertainty and anticipation, and reap the rewards.

Harness the element of surprise

Give her some notice and tell her to pack a bag, but be specific about the dress code and weather – girls hate guessing. (Don’t forget to leave yourself time to ask for her passport and info you may require for visas. Consult a company like, to streamline the complicated visa process.) She’ll love surrendering to the romance, especially if you’ve been together for a while and are in a routine.

Return on investment

Arrange with the hotel for flowers, champagne or her favourite dessert to be waiting in your room.

Research your destination

Make online reservations at an intimate restaurant. You don’t want to be ravenous after a long journey (and that hotel-quickie) and have nowhere to go. Check out:, or, locally,

Book a room with a bath (and a view)

And be sure to pack some sensuous bath foam or oil – there may be free shampoo, but seldom luxurious bath products, like Just Pure Bath Oil (R115 Made with natural ingredients and fragrant essential oils, at just 50ml it fits your liquid allowance and will leave her skin soft and supple. There’s nothing sexier than having a long, steamy soak… and then putting nothing on except a soft gown. Check whether gowns are complimentary and, if not, pack some as a surprise (R290 each

Adjust the lighting

Hotel rooms often lack mood lighting, so pack a candle that doubles as massage oil. The Senze Massage Candle is all natural and transforms into a sensual massage oil that pours easily from the candle’s lip (R180

Pack some protection

If you’re heading into the bundu, don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent. Cape Union Mart stock an anti-insect band (R45, which contains citronella and is less overpowering than spray. It’s waterproof and convenient, and you won’t get a mouthful of chemicals when you kiss each other all over.

Don’t let sunburn ruin the mood

Chances are you’re going to get some sun on your summer holiday. Nivea Aftersun Spray (R50 Clicks) provides a fine, cool mist, which feels amazing on naked, sun-kissed skin.

Ignite her senses

So far you’ve surprised and soothed, now awaken her sense of smell. Spritz a little perfume on a light bulb, so it subtly wafts through the room. Choose something light. “Gucci Guilty (50ml R585 Edgars) is current and sexy as all hell,” says Men’s Health fashion and grooming director Neil Doveton. “A light spritz on the pillow never goes amiss either.”

Make a holiday playlist

Especially important if you’re going on a road trip. Not only will your mutual favourite holiday song bring back happy memories post-vacation, but losing radio reception an hour into a nine-hour drive will test even the hardiest match.

Be a better co-pilot

Do some Google Maps research in advance, and if you’re hiring a car, arrange for GPS. Then, should all else fail, suck it up and ask for directions!

* Bonus tip: It may seem obvious, but there’s nothing that’ll scupper your hard work more than appearing distracted. TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE

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