Women on Dating Apps Want Love, Not Hookups

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She might be seeking something more serious than you think, a new survey finds
By Alisa Hrustic

Dating apps like Tinder are supposed to make meeting women—and getting laid—easier than ever, but according to a new survey, there’s a good chance your match might be looking for love instead of lust.

To get to the bottom of how technology has really shaped our sex lives, Clue—a sexual health app for women—teamed up with the sex researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute. The duo surveyed 140,000 people (96 percent of whom were women) in 198 countries about how apps and other forms of tech have impacted their sex lives, health, and relationships.

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The researchers found that casual hookups aren’t the only type of relationship women are seeking. Of all the people surveyed, 15 percent reported using apps to find a partner, compared to only 10 percent looking for one-night stands.

The least desired relationship? Friends with benefits.

Ironically, men are much more likely to use dating apps to improve their sexual relationships, the survey found.

Now, clearly some women are looking for casual sex when they’re swiping right. It’s up to you to find out if she wants something more. Bottom line? Don’t immediately expect sex on the first date because you met through an app.

That’s assuming you land a date in the first place.

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