Why You Need A Wingwoman

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So this is assuming you’ve found the candidate: the gal pal who is comfortable hanging with the boys, has a wicked sense of humour and, crucially, is not interested in you (and you in her). Because she has no other intentions but looking out for a mate, her often intuitive first impressions of the woman who has caught your eye can be valuable – you noticed the blonde at the bar in the micro-mini; she noticed this is the fourth drink Blondie’s accepted from different guys. While the two of you are out, keep the physical contact brief and the conversation lively. It’s unlikely she’ll stick out the evening if you’re just scanning the room and are going to ditch her the minute you get a tug on your line. Smile, ask questions, laugh. Immediately you look like a catch. Women in the room will assume that if another female is enjoying your company, they might too. Plus, you can have your wingwoman use the “my friend thinks you’re cute” approach. (With a potential, “he’s a really nice guy” follow-up line.) Corny, yes, but also disarming… and effective.

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