Why Thou Shall Not Disgust Your Women

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Grossing out your partner is a mood killer according to a new study done by researchers at the University of Portsmouth and is the fastest way to getting no action. The study was headed up by,  Dr. Diana Fleischman.

For some creating the perfect ambience could prove to be a difficult task, this is just another one to add to your list.

Dr. Fleischman says, “Sex includes increased contact with body odours and fluids which, in other contexts, strongly suggest disease and would elicit disgust. Women are more vulnerable to contracting diseases through sex than men and show worse outcomes once infected, so we should expect that women will be especially turned off when they aredisgusted.”

You’re probably thinking about the last time you tried to jump into bed with your partner, and she turned you down without hesitation, and you kept wondering about why you never got any.

Perhaps she does not like the scent of your cologne? In which case, you can say, you “love me, love my dog”.

76 women were recruited, all between the ages of 18 and 42 and were divided up into four groups. One group had to watch an erotic film before being shown images of a frightening nature. The second was shown the frightening images before watching the erotic film; the third and fourth groups were shown images of a disgusting nature with one group having seen the erotic film prior to the images and the other seeing the erotic film post the images.

These images included pictures of injured animals and people puking their guts out whilst the more menacing images included beasts of the jungle, dangerous acts of nature such as tornadoes and fires. The X-rated movies which were produced and directed by women and were tailor-made to fit a women’s sexual desire. They were instructed to report their own excitement, dislike or alarm, but were also provided with an uncanny vaginal device that resembles the shape of a tampon which measures blood flow to the vagina.

“What our results suggest is that the story is more complicated for women and that women differ in how sexual arousal changes their disgust response.”

If you worried about your partner’s gross-meter ruining what could potentially be your next heated sexual triumph. Slip her an apple, as Italian researchers found that an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps sexual inability at bay as well as red wine and chocolates.

So un-cork a nice bottle of wine and keep the chocolates flowing.


– Alice Paulse