Why Do Women Cry During Fights?

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That’s a big question, Stu, one that takes us right back to the playground. You might meet the occasional hard-core (biker) babe who has promised she won’t shed no tears over no man, but those women are infrequent (and usually lying to themselves).

The average woman has cried during a gripping, well produced TV advert, so our tears are sometimes hard to decipher: tears of joy, frustration, anger, sadness and, the clincher, exasperation.

Sometimes fighting with you and going round in circles – neither prepared to back down – is so frikkin’ exasperating, tears just roll involuntarily. You think it’s manipulative and look on with disdain, only making her feel more humiliated. Be part of the solution: show that you’re hearing her point of view. The more you interrupt, the more frustrated she’ll get, triggering the waterworks.

Get off your high horse and sit down next to her – make the fight less of a battle, more of a conversation.

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