Why Do We Regret Sex?

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Ever had a one-night stand you could just kick yourself for? Well, many have been there, and turns out men and women have different regrets about sex, according to psychologists at the University of Texas and UCLA. Researchers conducted three studies and asked participants to evaluate hypothetical situations about pursuing or failing to pursue a sexual relationship and were also given a list of sexual regrets to choose from.

Among men, the top three regrets were being too shy to make a move on a potential partner, having not been sexually adventurous enough when younger, and not having been sexually adventurous enough when single. Try these tips to Ignite Your Sex Life or try having Sex, With A Twist. Co-author Martie Haselton says that every missed opportunity to have sex with a new partner could be a missed chance at reproduction for men. Among women, the top three regrets were losing virginity to the wrong partner, cheating on a partner, and moving too fast sexually. Haselton says that because reproduction requires much more of an investment from women, the consequences of casual sex is much higher for them. Among gay, lesbian and bisexual groups, women were more likely to regret casual sex.

Even though effective contraception is now available, differences in men and women’s regrets about sex persist, according to Haselton. The study found that even though men and women engage in casual sex at a similar rate, women reported more frequent and intense regret.


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