Who’s More Superficial On Tinder, Guys or Girls?

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Tinder has fast become the most popular online dating site since its launch in late 2012. Swiping right for a ‘like’ and left for a ‘no ways’. But do people actually swipe right because they like the profiles they read about the person? Do they actually like the persons interests and hobbies, what they are about and their character, or is it solely based on appearance and how good looking the person is? Swiping right just because of that smoking hot body and left because of that face?

Who would you think are the most superficial in the online dating world then? The men or the women? Simple Pickup, an Internet site that provides men with dating tips, conducted a simple social experiment to find out who was shallower on meeting someone from Tinder for the first time. Simple Pickup say that studies have shown that the number one fear for men and women dating online is meeting a someone who is actually fat or being a serial killer respectively.

The experiments were about setting up Tinder dates for a woman named Sarah and man named Willie, who are both really attractive. Then before heading out to meet the dates they put on a fat suit and make up to transform themselves from the hot pictures they had on Tinder to a bigger, less attractive version of themselves. All this to see their how the dates would react.

Out of the five guys who met Sarah all but one stormed out of the date after commenting on their disappointment, how their time was wasted, that they were let down and gave ridiculous excuses to leave because she lied to them about how she looked. They didn’t like that she was fat. Check out the video below:

Willie however had better reactions from his dates. At first the women were confused about how he looked in person to his Tinder profile pictures, yet they still gave him a chance and they ended up having great dates. He even got a kiss at the end of one. Check out the video below:

So it seems like us men have more superficial tendencies about how women should look, especially after expecting someone incredibly hot. It is this kind of pressure from people no matter age or gender that forces others to try improve themselves until they are literally sick. Experiments like this can show a lot about how people react to appearances and can show those that it doesn’t matter how you look because the people who react negatively towards you are not worth your time. It exemplifies that the online dating world can be very deceiving and that one should take care when using it. People do lie.

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