What Women Think During Sex (And How To Use It To Your Advantage)

We asked women to share their sexy – and often, not so- sexy – thoughts while in action. Use that info to your advantage.

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Ever stopped to wonder what’s going through her mind during missionary? It’s a telepathic gift that was once bestowed upon a more likeable Mel Gibson by an errant hair dryer in What Women Want. You? Well, you’ll have to rely on us and our good old-fashioned people skills – and this candid group of women, who were willing bare it all in the name of helping you have a better sex life.

Shower Sex

What she’s thinking:

“Could he shave my legs while he’s down there?”
“How the hell can I feel so wet and so dry at the same time? Think I can reach the lube from here?”
“I am not leaving this shower till I’ve conditioned my hair.”
“If he puts his soap-covered fingers into me again I’m going to rub this sponge in his eyes.”
“Aww, it’s so cute the way the water runs off of his woodie. He looks like a fountain cherub.”

How to make it better: Keep it short and sweet. A bit of steam, a couple minutes of lathering each other’s bodies and marvelling at your hotness and then finish it off in the comfort of a bed. No woman wants to give you a blowjob kneeling on cold tiles.

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Doggy Style

What she’s thinking:
“This may have been a bad move after leg day. Think I can lie down yet?”
“Slow down, dude – you’re going to get a hole-in-one in the wrong hole!”
“Hmmm, do the walls need a fresh coat of paint? Maybe a new colour? Oh, he’s finished.”
“Wow, my boobs look huge like this! And cute. I love the way they’re bouncing around. Hello, girls! “
“Should I thrust back or stay still?”

How to make it better: It can be a bit lonely and boring up front. A little aural stimulation wouldn’t hurt. Describe the view you have, tell her what you’re going to do next and make sure you use your hands for more than supporting your body. It’s called multi-tasking, dude. It’s not that hard. Promise.

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What she’s thinking:

“Oh, and there go my breasts. Byeee.”
“Harder, harder – no, softer, softer – a little to the left… Is it time to get on top yet?”
“A, B, C, D, E, F, Gee”
“Why isn’t he looking at me? Why isn’t he kissing me? What’s he thinking about? Who’s he thinking about? Helloooo up there!”
“His butt was made for squeezing. So hard. I wonder how many squats he does a day?”
“My boobs aren’t pillows, honey.”

How to make it better: Mouth, neck, boobs. Kiss in that order. She knows that this position means you’re going to start thinking about heading towards the finish line. Check in how she’s doing – if you can do anything to turn her on, suggest she gets on top and tell her you’d love to watch her come.

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Sixty Nine

What she’s thinking:

“Ok, follow my lead. I suck here, you lick there.”
“This is comfy. And nice. I could lie here forever. Oh, sorry – I drifted away for a minute. Now; where was I?”
“If he pushes my head down one more time I’m going to knee him in the nose.”
“This would probably work better if he wasn’t so tall. Do basketball players ever get to do this?”
“If I fanny fart now, I’ll die.”

How to make it better: Tell her how much you enjoy going down on her. Tell her you love how much it turns her on. Tell her you love her landing strip. Tell her anything to set her mind at ease. But not too much talking – your tongue has a job to do.

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