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Los Angeles

Relationship status

Dating Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen

You know her from

The O.C. and other guilty pleasures you watched with your varsity girlfriend, plus a series of suggestive ads (helpfully archived on YouTube) for the ice cream company Magnum.

If you want to take me home, first you have to take me out a few more times and make me laugh.

The most important part of a relationship is communication – and playing board games.

The difference between liking someone and loving someone is that you cry more when you love someone.

Selfishness is always a deal-breaker.

I’m not impressed by your bodily functions.

Average is nice, but bigger is better.

I wish more guys would take out the rubbish.

Being a real man means having hair on your chest.

I like my men like I like my ice cream: complex and nutty.

My favourite part of a man’s body: his teeth.

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